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I write two types of books – travel guides and Christian living books.  Learn about each book below and make sure you subscribe for email updates of free previews and new books!


A Disney World Combo Book! 3 Books in 1, Edition 2 – 2019

Get all three of my Disney World books in one print or eBook.  It’s like paying for two books and getting the third free!

A Look at Walt Disney World by Charts, Tables, and Graphs

There is a massive amount of information to process about Disney World!  This book takes thousands of pieces of data and presents it in easy-to-read charts, tables and graphs.

Hold Your Breath and Jump In: a guide for the first week of college for Christians

Starting college is an exciting and scary time.  This book helps new college students get a godly start.

A Short and Sweet Introduction to the Great American West Vacation

Learn more about where to go and what to see based on our two-week family road trip!

A Short and Sweet Introduction to Indianapolis

Other Indy travel books were written too long ago!  This new book introduces you to Indianapolis – where to go, what to do, and more!

A Disney World Combo Book! 3 Books in 1, Edition 2 – 2019

Get my 3 Disney World books for the price of 2! Get A Look at Walt Disney  World by Charts, Tables, and GraphsA Short and Sweet Introduction to Walt Disney World Resort – Edition 3, 2019 AND 250 Tips and Tricks for Walt Disney World Resort in one book!

A Short and Sweet Introduction to Walt Disney World Resort, 2019

NEW FOR 2019!!!

Most Disney World guide books read like encyclopedias – too much detail and too little explanation.  My guide book is an introduction to Disney World.  Containing about 60 pages, this book will teach you about the theme parks, hotels, dining, other entertainment options, Fastpass+, getting there, getting around while there, My Disney Experience app, water parks, Disney Springs, and more!

Our Kids – Our Responsibility, Months 1-6 “Jesus’s Teachings” and “Genesis”

I don’t know about your family, but our family tried daily devotions and failed.  Each weekly family devotional contains scripture passages with teaching notes, discussion questions, a memory verse, prayer prompts, and a special section just for parents by themselves.

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250 Tips and Tricks for Walt Disney World Resort

Too many tips books are full of stories and good ideas, but not that many tips.  My tip book – just about 45 pages – is full of nothing but tips.  There are tips about each park, tips about dining, tips about resorts, even tips about where you can rest or take a nap, and much more!

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