Our Kids – Our Responsibility Months 4-6 is now available!

I’ve updated Our Kids – Our Responsibility with Months 4-6!

Now you can purchase the entire 6 months or just Months 1-3 or Months 4-6 by themselves.

The new Our Kids – Our Responsibility, Months 4-6 “Genesis” explores major stories from the book of Genesis, including creation, Abraham, and Joseph.

But, instead of just focusing on learning the stories, each week’s devotional applies the principles of the stories to you and your family’s lives today.

Our Kids – Our Responsibility is a set of weekly family devotionals that I wrote starting in January 2018.  Each week’s devotional includes a Bible passage with notes that explain difficult parts, discussion questions, a memory verse, and prayer tips.  In addition, Our Kids – Our Responsibility is unique by offering a “Later for Parents” section that allows parents to think about that devotional from an adult perspective.

Learn more about this new book at Our Kids – Our Responsibility.

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