FREE Kindle Books

To celebrate my newest book, A Look at Walt Disney World by Charts, Tables, and Graphs, I am offering several Ebooks through Kindle for free now through New Years!

Each book will be free for 5 days as follows:

A Short and Sweet Introduction to Walt Disney World Resort: 2018 (11/17/18-11/21/18)

A Disney World Combo Book (11/20/18-11/24/18)

Guide for Walt Disney World Ticket Prices 2018-2019 (11/22/18-11/26/18)

250 Tips and Tricks for Walt Disney World Resort (11/25/18-11/29/18)

A Short and Sweet Introduction to the Great American West Vacation (11/30/18-12/4/18)

A Short and Sweet Introduction to Indianapolis (12/5/18-12/9/18)

Hold Your Breath and Jump In (12/10/18-12/14/18)

Our Kids – Our Responsibility Months 1-3 (12/15/18-12/19/18)

Our Kids – Our Responsibility Months 4-6 (12/20/18-12/24/18)

Our Kids – Our Responsibility Months 1-6 (12/25/18-12/29/18)

God Isn’t a Blockhead (12/30/18-1/3/19)

Do you not have the free Kindle app to read books?  Visit to download it.

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