Epcot Tips – Spring 2019

Tips for Epcot When You Visit During the International Flower & Garden Festival

Walt Disney World Resort celebrates spring in style with this year’s 25th International Flower & Garden Festival.  From March 6 – June 9, your trip to Epcot will be extra special with uniquely-created topiaries, live music, special landscaping, special food, and more.

So, if you’re going to visit Epcot, here are a few Epcot tips that could save you time and headaches.

1) Need a Fastpass strategy for kids?  Since Fastpasses are tiered, get your Tier 1 Fastpass for Frozen Ever After and then visit other Tier 1 attractions (Test Track and Soarin’ Around the World) when the park first opens and lines are small. 

2) Don’t plan on taking a ferry if you’re on a schedule and you need to get across World Showcase Lagoon.  Unless a ferry is boarding when you walk by it and there isn’t too much of a line, you’ll likely make better time walking around the lagoon.

3) April showers bring May flowers.  (Sometimes it seems like it must always be April at Disney World.)  Is it raining?  Duck into the interactive parts of most Future World rides, the shops in the countries of World Showcase, The American Adventure show, or any of the country movies (Canada, France, and China).

4) If you plan to visit The Seas with Nemo and Friends, you might not want to wait in line to ride the entrance ride if you don’t have kids.  If you just want to see the sea life, watch Turtle Talk with Crush, or dine in the Coral Reef Restaurant, then go in through the exit (perfectly allowed).

5) When you exit most rides in Future World, you walk into that ride’s interactive exhibits area.  However, you can enter the exhibits through other doors without riding the ride.  These entrances aren’t grand and it might even feel like you are entering through an exit – but it is perfectly OK.

6) Children tend to lose their patience while walking around World Showcase.  One way to avoid this might be to walk through the countries as soon as they open and use afternoon Future World rides as a motivation for good behavior!

7) There are places around Epcot where you can meet Disney characters.  There are even some unique Disney characters that you’ll only find in Epcot.

8) There is a lot more to do than just ride rides and interact with exhibits.  You’ll find a lot of live entertainment throughout Future World.  Make sure to get an Epcot times guide when you first arrive for exact entertainment times.

This information is provided by Short and Sweet Introductions.  Visit www.shortandsweetintroductions.com/disney for more Disney World resources.

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