250 Tips and Tricks for Walt Disney World Resort

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OK, there are a lot of Disney World tips books, tips websites, friends with tips, tips magazine articles, and tips blogs articles. So why another Disney World tip book?

The problem with Disney World tips books is that they aren’t full of that many tips.

Some of the tips books are one tip per page, with lots of explanation about why that tip is great.

Some books are full of stories about why they decided to share certain tips.

Some tips books are just about dining; some are about money; and some are about taking kids.

And, some tips are found in the midst of an 800-page guide book. Ouch!

This book is all about tips – 250 of them! There’s no philosophy of tips, no long stories about how magical a tip made my vacation, and never just one tip per page.

If you want tips, then this is your book. It’s only 45 pages, but it is full of tips. There are tips about each park, tips about dining, tips about where you can take a nap in each park (for real!), tips about getting around Disney World, and tips about which attractions might be too scary for your kids.

If you want a guide book to Disney World, then check out our book, A Short and Sweet Introduction to Walt Disney World Resort (shameless plug). If you want a seemingly nonstop list of tip after tip, then this is the book you want to read!