About Joe

My name is Joe Dodridge and I live in Fishers, Indiana. My full-time job is a high school teacher. I’ve taught school for over a dozen years and I was a pastor for 10 years.  I’m married and we have two children.

I write both travel books and Christian living books.

My writing “career” really started in eleventh grade when I wrote that year’s first essay for English. My teacher gave me my rough draft back with over half of it crossed out and told me what I wrote was useless. I went on to get a C on that first paper and it was the beginning of a brutal boot camp experience of learning how to properly write. (split infinitive – it’s OK!)

After countless papers in college and graduate school, my graduate thesis advisor was the daughter of an English professor and a journal editor. So, I went through boot camp 2.0.

In 2007, I started writing a daily devotional online. I bought a website and wrote over 150 devotionals.

Since then, I’ve written a lot of things that haven’t made it out of my computer until July 2017 when I wrote my first book, “A Short and Sweet Introduction to Walt Disney World Resort.” That book came out of my love for Disney World, my love for travel, and my desire to finally get a book written.

Since then I’ve written a total of seven original books, some with multiple editions.

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