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Books added to Kindle Unlimited

I’ve just added most of my books to Kindle Unlimited.  Kindle Unlimited allows readers to purchase a monthly subscription, then read as many eBooks for free, as long as those books are enrolled in the program.

→Click here to check out the Kindle Unlimited program.

You can now read these books for free if you enroll in Kindle Unlimited:

Epcot Tips – Spring 2019

Tips for Epcot When You Visit During the International Flower & Garden Festival

Walt Disney World Resort celebrates spring in style with this year’s 25th International Flower & Garden Festival.  From March 6 – June 9, your trip to Epcot will be extra special with uniquely-created topiaries, live music, special landscaping, special food, and more.

So, if you’re going to visit Epcot, here are a few Epcot tips that could save you time and headaches. Continue reading Epcot Tips – Spring 2019

Buy These Five Items BEFORE You Go to Disney World this Sprin

Save time, money, and headaches by being prepared and avoiding theme park prices

It stinks to go on vacation and either A) pay three times more for something than you would at home, or B) not be able to find what you need at your resort or destination.

It’s no secret that Disney World costs a lot of money.  Just because the tickets cover your admission to the parks, don’t think that Disney doesn’t find more ways to get your money after you’re there.  Here are some top items you can buy before you leave that will save you both time and money! Continue reading Buy These Five Items BEFORE You Go to Disney World this Sprin

Current Book Sales and Updates

Update on books and sales:
You can now download GUIDE FOR DISNEY WORLD PRICES 2018-2019 for FREE on my website: → It will also be available for FREE on iTunes in the next couple of days.
The audiobook for A SHORT AND SWEET INTRODUCTION TO WALT DISNEY WORLD RESORT: 2019 is now widely distributed. You can get it on Audible, Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Kobo, libraries, and more. Visit → for links.
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Two of my print books are currently on sale on Amazon. A SHORT AND SWEET INTRODUCTION TO THE GREAT AMERICAN WEST VACATION and OUR KIDS OUR RESPONSIBILITY are both $6.99 for a limited time. Visit →Amazon  (affiliate link).