A Disney World Combo Book!

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$9.99 EBOOK Kindle
GET THREE BOOKS IN ONE!  It is priced so that you are paying for 2 books and getting the third book free.

This Combo Book gives you:

 A Short and Sweet Introduction to Walt Disney World Resort, Edition 3 – 2019
Most Disney World guidebooks read like encyclopedias – too much information and not enough introduction. This third edition, 70-page guide book introduces you to the parks, hotels, dining, and more without overwhelming you!


250 Tips and Tricks for Walt Disney  World Resort!
The problem with most tips books is they aren’t full of that many tips. This book gives you over 250 tips – no stories about tips,  just tips.



A Look at Walt Disney  World by Charts, Tables, and Graphs
Don’t be overwhelmed by the hundreds of pages on Disney World’s website! This innovative book organizes thousands of data into easy-to-read charts, tables, and graphs.


It’s the best of all three worlds!

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