A Short and Sweet Introduction to Walt Disney World Resort: 2018

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This is a perfect book for spouses, grandparents, children and other people who need to know more about Disney World but don’t have the time to read a book the size of an encyclopedia!! Maybe you know someone who is going to Disney World, but not planning every detail. Maybe you know someone who is a little skeptical about going, but might spend a few minutes learning about where they’re going.

Are you looking for an introduction to Walt Disney World Resort? Have you been to Disney World, but things have changed or you’re looking for some new tips?

Maybe when you look at a guidebook or visit a website, it’s kind of like drinking water from a fire hose – too much information and too little introduction. An introduction should be brief – not giving you hundreds of pages full of every detail.

This book will introduce you to Walt Disney World Resort: the parks, types of hotels, dining, tickets, and a lot of tips and tricks.

This isn’t a guidebook that tells you about every ride, every resort and what to order at every restaurant. Instead, this guidebook is an introduction.

So, if you aren’t looking for the War and Peace version of a Walt Disney World Resort guidebook, then you’ve come to the right place.


Will this be the only guidebook you’ll ever need? Probably not. Think of this guidebook as a gateway to your destination. Maybe you’ll want to read restaurant reviews online or visit Disney travel websites to learn about current vacation discounts.

Use this book as a way to know what to look for. Use this book as a way to know what questions to ask. Use this book like an introductory college course.

This book will introduce you to the four major theme parks: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom. This book will introduce you to the two water parks: Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon. This book has sections on dining, hotels, other entertainment, tickets, promotions, crowd sizes, Fastpass+, Magic Bands, how to get there, how to get around once you’re there, and more!

So, what are you waiting for – it’s time to get introduced to Walt Disney World Resort!


Some people wonder if this book is for them because they’ve already been to Disney World.

While this book will definitely help someone who is new to Disney World, there are a ton of tips and tricks that even a Disney World veteran will appreciate.

Here are some tips found in the book:

WATER PARKS IN THE WINTER: “Are you thinking about going to the water parks in the winter? Two notes: 1) Disney heats the water in the water parks, so it shouldn’t be too uncomfortable (until you get out of the water!). 2) Disney usually only has one water park open during the colder months of the year.”

DINING TIP: “You can purchase many things that aren’t listed on the menu. Consider asking for an entrée without the side that is listed with it. You might even be able to order a slice of bread or a slice of bacon on the side.”

BOOKING HOTELS: “You can also book Disney hotels through online booking sites such as Expedia or Orbitz. While these sites don’t offer packages with tickets, they often offer similar room-only discounts when Disney World is running promotions. A great tip is that sometimes these online booking sites have coupon codes that offer a percentage off your booking. Some people even have rewards dollars or credits that they can use with online booking sites.”

USING FASTPASS+: “Be aggressive when using the My Disney Experience app to select additional Fastpasses once your original three are done. Never give up on a certain ride or a certain time. People are always changing their Fastpasses which makes Fastpass availability change every second. Therefore, you can refresh the available Fastpasses by selecting different times at the top of the screen. It is possible that rides that aren’t available at all now will be available the next minute.”

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