Hold Your Breath and Jump In


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Don’t send Christians to college unprepared and without a plan!

Starting college is a lot like jumping into the deep end of a pool. It’s a little scary, it looks like a lot of fun, and you’re not exactly sure what’s going to happen when you hit the water.

This book will prepare Christians for their first year of college. There might never be another time of life where you have so much free will and the opportunity to truly shape who you are and what you believe.

This brief book gives 12 short things you need to think about during your first year of college. This book focuses on

*attending a local church *attending a campus ministry *reading the Bible and praying *preparing for attacks on your faith *seeking God in marriage *figuring out who you will date *striving for purity *seeking God in your career *staying out of debt *balancing school and life *figuring out how often to go home *transitioning into a new parent/adult relationship

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Who is the Author?

Who am I to give you advice about your first year of college?

Of course I went to college myself, but so have millions of other people.

College students have always been on my heart and my ministry opportunities have flowed out of that.

It all started when I was in college. One summer I convinced my home church’s pastor to let me start a summer Sunday School class to prepare our church’s graduates for college. I think it was called something really inviting like the “Top Ten Sins in College.”

Then, a few years later in graduate school, I taught undergraduate college classes at the university I attended and also at a local, Christian university.

After finishing graduate school, being married for five years, and experiencing the birth of our first child, my wife and I started a college Sunday School class in our church. We quickly grew the class from just a Sunday morning Bible study to weekly suppers and games at our house. We have some great memories from those suppers – and a lot of good friends still today.

All of those experiences prepared me to accept the call to lead the Baptist Collegiate Ministry (BCM) at Ball State University. I led the first year as the interim director, and then the next four years as the regular BCM director while also serving as an associate pastor at a local church.

From there I went on to plant a new church and then to teach school full time and write part time. But, it is my years of experience working with college students, as a Sunday School teacher, a college instructor, and then a collegiate ministry leader, that have given me the tools and experiences to share these strategies with you.

So, take it from someone who has been to college, someone who has taught in college, and someone who has worked with college students in ministry. These 12 things that follow are 12 simple, yet important things that will help you keep your head above water as you start some of the best years of your life!

→Buy a print version on Amazon
→Buy an eBook for Kindle

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