Short and Sweet Look into a Disney World Audio-Animatronic

Have you ever been curious about what a Disney World audio-animatronic looks like? Here’s a picture I took of an Abraham Lincoln robot on display at Disney World. Audio-animatronics like this are used in rides and attractions throughout the park.

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Short and Sweet Tip for Fastpass at Disney World

Here’s a tip about Fastpass at Disney World:
Be aggressive when using the My Disney Experience app to select additional Fastpasses once your original three are done. Never give up on a certain ride or a certain time. People are always changing their Fastpasses which makes Fastpass availability change every second. Therefore, you can refresh the available Fastpasses by selecting different times at the top of the screen. It is possible that rides that aren’t available at all now will be available the next minute.

Short and Sweet Tip for Disney Water Parks in Winter

Are you thinking about going to the water parks in the winter?  Two notes:

1) Disney heats the water in the water parks, so it shouldn’t be too uncomfortable (until you get out of the water!).

2) Disney usually only has one water park open during the colder months of the year.

And, a bonus note about Disney World resort pools – they are heated too!  (Though we’ve found that if your resort has multiple pools, one is usually warmer than the others!)

Short and Sweet Tip for Dining at Disney World

Here’s a Short and Sweet tip for dining at Disney World:

You can purchase many things that aren’t listed on the menu. Consider asking for an entrée without the side that is listed with it. You can usually order a slice of bread or a slice of bacon on the side. And, they might not list sides individually, but you can normally order them separately! With these tips you can maximize your dining money and only pay for what you will eat.

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