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This is the book I wish I had!!!

Planning a U.S. west vacation can be overwhelming.  There are so many places to see – where do you start?

Sure, there are guidebooks for Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon.  You can read all about Las Vegas and Los Angeles, but who has time to read 20 different 300-page books full of information you’ll never use?

A Short and Sweet Introduction to the Great American West Vacation is the book I needed when I planned our family’s two-week west vacation.  It recaps our two-week trip by explaining what we did and learned, and it teaches you about each of the destinations – what they are and why you want to go there.

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Do you need an introduction to Indianapolis?

Some guidebooks are outdated and offer too much information and too little introduction.  This book will introduce you to Indianapolis – things to do, how to get around, and what to see.

This book doesn’t review restaurants and hotels.  You can look up restaurant and hotel reviews online – they change daily anyway.

Rather, this is a short and sweet introduction to Indianapolis.  Did you know Indianapolis has more war memorials than any other city except Washington DC?  Did you know Indianapolis has the largest children’s museum in the world? And, oh yeah, did you know Indy has a thing for racing?

So, this isn’t an all-inclusive guide, just about 66 pages of introduction to Indianapolis.

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