Our Kids – Our Responsibility

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About This Book…

Have you tried daily devotions with your family and failed?

Maybe you got behind one day and then it snowballed from there. Maybe you were looking for something deeper – something more than just a verse and a thought.

Why don’t you set your family up for success and try this new, creative, weekly family devotional?

Our Kids – Our Responsibility is different from other family devotionals.  Written by a pastor, husband, and father of two, Our Kids – Our Responsibility contains devotions that go in-depth, ask good discussion questions, and even have a part for parents to talk later by themselves.

But, don’t be scared that you need to be a Bible scholar.  You don’t have to know much about the Bible to use this book! This book is intended for everyone – each scripture passage is accompanied by “Notes to Sound Smart” that explain difficult verses.


Our Story…

A few years ago my family moved to start a new church. Our children were spoiled in our old church – they had children’s programs on Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday night. They had Vacation Bible School once a year, movie nights throughout the year, sports programs, and a ton of other events just for kids.

We knew that when we started our church, we probably wouldn’t have all of those things. We decided from the beginning that our kids are our responsibility. Our kids need to grow in their faith because of us.

So with that conviction in our hearts we set out to be the primary Bible teachers to our kids. And… we failed.

We tried family Bible reading. We tried family devotion books. We tried after supper. We tried at bedtime. Basically everything we tried failed because we weren’t really committed and we gave up too easily.

So, that’s where this book came from. I figured that there are probably plenty of families like us. Families who know they need to do something, but keep failing.

I wanted to create a resource that was structured and taught the Bible, but also had some discussion questions. I wanted to create a resource that people could read with children even if the adult doesn’t really know much about the Bible to begin with. I wanted to create a resource that gives parents something to talk about too– after the kids go to bed. I wanted a resource for the whole family.

I have written a book like what my family did. Some of these are the questions we asked, the passages we read, and the ideas that challenged our faith. I hope that you will use it with your family.  Your kids – your responsibility.


About Each Devotion…

Each weekly Bible study is broken into six parts – Start, Read, Discuss, Memorize, Pray, and Later for Parents.

START introduces the Bible passage as if neither you nor your kids know anything about what you’re going to read.

READ is the Bible passage with a little bit of help.  Most passages are followed by a box called “Notes to Sound Smart.” If there is something in the passage that is confusing or requires further explanation, you can find help here.

DISCUSS is where family bonding takes place. If this book was an 80s family sitcom, then this section is where the sappy music would start to play.

MEMORIZE pulls out one key part of the Bible passage that would be great to memorize.

PRAY gives you bullet points for things you might want to pray for as a family. It also reminds you to ask your family for prayer requests – things that you want to pray for together.

LATER FOR PARENTS is an opportunity for adults to further discuss today’s Bible study.


Will you give weekly family devotions a try?  I think this resource can help you as you take on your kids as your responsibility.

→Buy a print version on Amazon
→Buy a print version at Barnes and Noble
→Buy an eBook for Kindle
(Are you looking for just months 4-6? →Click here)
(Are you looking for just months 1-3? →Click here)

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